Family Picture

26 Mar

Audrey drew a picture of our family:



26 Mar

Last Saturday evening was bingo night at church. I took the kids up to church for pizza, ice cream, bingo and time with friends. The high light of the night for Heath was winning a lego set. When he saw it was a prize, he was determined to get it. He did indeed win (I was wondering what would happen if someone else got it…thankfully I didn’t have to find out!)


Family time

26 Mar

It’s been nearly a month! Eek!!! Time to catch up a bit. Last Sunday my brother and his kids came for a visit. We ate lunch at the mall and then did some Easter dress shopping. Fun day!!




Dress Shopping

26 Feb

Audrey has her first communion this weekend so this evening she and I, along with Lachlan, went to the mall to find a dress. Lach slept thru the whole thing and we only went to one store to find the dress. Happy girl and happy mama!


Picking up the big kids

22 Feb

On Friday, Lachlan and I picked up Audrey and Heath from school. It meant a bit of waiting in the car. Of course Lachlan didn’t want to wait alone in the back of the car! So I had to crawl back there so we could be together.


Lucky Kids

15 Feb

Audrey and Heath occasionally reap the benefits of being teacher kids. For example…valentines day! I got a gigantic Hershey kiss. They were more than happy to help eat it!



15 Feb

Audrey had another recital this weekend. This time it was held at my parents house. For the next few recitals we will be going to different homes so the students get to try out different pianos. Pretty sure Audrey has the best piano instructor in town! Any way…this is the only picture I took with my phone, a bit before the recital started:


She did a fine job!


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