The Big Drive

28 Jul

I drove the three kids up to Fargo by myself. They were all wonderful travelers!! Here are pictures of us at a rest stop:




28 Jul

We went up to Fargo for a baptism two-ish weeks ago. On the Saturday we were up there, we went to the pool. Audrey went down the red slide many, many times and Heath enjoyed shallow waters!




28 Jul

While Heath got his hair cut, Audrey enjoyed a Dairy Queen treat!


9 Months Old

28 Jul

Lachlan turned nine months last week. Today he had his nine month well child exam. He is doing great! Despite his lack of interest in solid food he is growing right on track. He is allergic to cow milk (he had a reaction to a tiny bit of milk a few weeks ago). He is doing fine as far as the airway defects are concerned. He had a follow up with ENT last week and it was nice to get a, “See you in six months!” from the doctor rather than scheduling a procedure.


(I typed this post awhile ago and never posted it so now it’s been awhile since he turned nine months!)

Summer Days

28 Jul

We are having a relaxing summer before the craziness of the school year arrives. Today we stopped at the library to check out some books. Heath was so happy to take home a Lego book!


Lachlan Swings

11 Jul

Lachlan went for a swing and loved it!



11 Jul

The kids and I went to the free family day at the art center today. They made drawings with red & blue markers and then looked at the with the 3D glasses they made first. Here is Audrey with her glasses.



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